Sea operation process

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As making the deal based on the terms of CIF and CFR , the seller arranges  the transportation , the procedures are as follows:
(1). Checking  the terms of shipment under  L / C:In order to ship out the cargo smoothly , it is necessary to check the terms of shipment such as loading date of shipment, date of settlement, port of loading/destination, Whether to transfer or partial shipment as nominated shipping company, name of vessel etc. , after receiving  the L / C. sometimes it requests various certification ,such as shipping line provision , vessel certification, for these terms and stipulations ,we also based on the policy of our country and the international conventions to estimate whether these requirements are reasonable or need to propose modification

 (2)Delivery inspection: According to the terms of commodity , specification, quantity , Package which described in contract and L/C ,we prepare the cargo and apply for inspection and license.  Refrigerated cargo must be cooled to ensure  the shipment reach the temperature requirements by shipping line . In China, all kinds of commodities have been recorded in inspection department or According to the letter of credit, the trade contract stipulates that the goods issued by the commodity inspection authorities
 must fill in the application for export inspection and apply for inspection before customs clearance. Some of them need to be into the plant quarantine or health, safety inspection, completed prior, made an inspection certificate. After full preparation before the shipment of goods, and then we shall to conduct the following process.

(3).Consignment Booking: Preparation of export consignment note, you can submit to freight forwarders for delegate booking procedures. Freight forwarding will timely submit  to the shipping company or booking agent. according to the specific requirements of the owner and the classification of route. Shippers can also  directly  submit to the shipping company or booking agent. When the shipping company or its agent  sign a bill of lading, class work is completed, it means that between shipper and carrier transport contracts already concluded.

(4).Insurance: After the Consignment Booking, the seller will  cover insurance If they assume the insurance Insurance is usually the CIF value of the invoice value plus insurance (plus a few in accordance with the seller and the buyer agreed, if not agreed, the general plus 10% insured).

(5). port concentrated area: When the vessel arrived at the port as planning , In accordance with the notice of the port and within the prescribed time, the shipper completed procedures cargo and export goods shipped in a timely manner to the port area concentrated  and waiting for loading the cargo to vessel  and ensure the, Batch No., quantity, mark must be distinct. Especially ,the shipper should  keep in close contac with  the port, shipping companies and related transportation company, railways or other units, timely completion of the purchase, to prevent the working out of touch and affect shipment schedule.

(6). Customs : after Cargo Concentrated in port area , we would submit the fixed customs declaration, invoice ,packing list , inspection certification, contract and other related documents to Customs.
The customs officers will examine the goods and after qualified release by customs, the cargo will be loaded into the vessel.

(7). Cargo loading Before shipment loading into the vessel, the tally clerk on behalf of the vessel, collected goods orders which released by customs  and mate's receipt, after finishing, in accordance with the stowage plan and the manifest, batch cargo shipment.During the shipment loading process, the shipper freight forwarders should be in site supervision, with the master shipment schedule and deal with  temporary problems. Loading is completed, the tally team leader and the ship chief signed receipt, delivery and the shipper. Tally clerk found a number of defects or improper packing, namely receipt endorsed by the chief officer signed to determine both parties. But as the shipper should strive for as far as possible not in receipt of annotations to get clean bill of lading.

 (8). Upon completion of the loading of the goods, the shipper shall, send loading notice of shipmen t to the consignee, you can exchange the shipped bills of lading with the shipping company or its agent, and then the transportation work shall come to an end.

 (9). Documents preparation for bank negotiation:, Within the period of validity specified in the contract or letter of credit negotiation,  The shipper will be specified in the contract or letter of credit settlement documents available and  release the documents to the bank  for settlement procedures.

 2. Container transport export procedure:
(1) Booking--  according to the provisions of the contract or the L/C terms ,the shipper will fill in the container booking note and send their booking request to the agent or shipping  company  before the Delivery date in a certain period of time

(2) Acceptance of booking application-- Shipping companies or forwarding agents make the decision if to accept the application or not according to their capacity, routes and other specific circumstances and shipper’s requirements, If accepted the application ,they begin to the prepare  the list of booking, and then distribute the goods to container yard, container freight station, arrange the empty containers and transfer cargo.

(3) empty container release-- Usually FCL freight containers are collected from container terminal yard by the shipper, some shippers have self-owned-container, LCL freight containers are collected by container freight station .

(4) LCL packing: The shipper deliver the part cargo which less than a whole container to the freight station,  the freight station is responsible for packing the goods according to the booking list and dock receipt packing, and then the loading  operator will  make the container load plan.

(5) FCL handover-- The shipper take fully responsible for packing, and deliver the sealed FCL to CY., CY check the receipt and the acceptance of goods packing list according to the booking list.

(6) Container transfer visa: CY or CFS examine and receive the goods and will sign  in the receipt  then return the issued DR to the shipper.

(7) Exchange the bill of lading-- The shipper could exchange for bills of lading (combined transport bill of lading) by means of  D / R to container transport operators or their agents to and then go to the bank for settlement.

(8) shipment loading -- according to the loading situation,the container yard will formulate shipping plan and carry out the shipping Container to the front of container yard,,when the vessel is close, container could be loaded into the vessel timely.
Types of ocean bill of lading:

1. According to whether the goods have been shipped on board can be divided into shipped on board bill of lading (shipped on BORAD B / L) and alternate bill of lading (RECEIVEDFOR shipment B / L). The former is the bill of lading issued after the goods have been loaded on board, while the latter is refers to the carrier has taken over the goods and the goods are ready for shipment issued by the provided.